Corporate Massage


Many organisations, large and small, recognize the value of including corporate massage as part of their employee wellbeing programme. I visit some companies on a regular basis and others for one off wellbeing days.

Staff that feel valued, less stressed feel healthy, are more likely to be motivated, productive and with less absenteeism.

I am a local therapist with a lot of experience in a "previous life" in the corporate sector. I provide a professional service and have all the necessary insurances in place for corporate massage.



Work Place Chair Massage

Seated massage is typically a mini 5-20 minute non remedial massage to relieve upper back neck and shoulder tension. It is performed over clothing, without oil in a portable massage chair. An ambient mood can be created with aromatherapy and relaxing music if you wish.

Staff report feeling lighter, refreshed, calmer and less restricted in parts of the body that become tense from prolonged sitting at a desk or computer. Chair massage is a simple and cost effective way to:

  • Reward staff
  • Energize your event or work place
  • Release tight muscles in the neck and shoulders
  • Relieve tension headache
  • Lower stress build up

“My staff thoroughly enjoyed the surprise of Office Treats Mini Massage call into the office - It gave them a quick revive and refresh - This treat is inexpensive and real value for money.” - CBC Staff Selection

"When Zoe arrived at our office to give us massages, everyone was frazzled, had headaches and the mood was low on what had been a challenging day for the whole team. Zoe worked her magic and the entire team felt refreshed, their moods and headaches lifted, and some great results were achieved during the afternoon. Best investment we have made in our team in a long time! - Cheers, AJ" - Delfin Lend Lease

Events Packages

  • Attract clients to your exhibition stand
  • Great for corporate wellness or team building days
  • A refreshing break for conference delegates
  • Branded clothing can be worn

Cairns Corporate Massage

Wellness Days

“Colonial First State used the services of Zoe at a conference to provide sit down massage at our trade stand. Zoe is extremely professional, thorough and helpful. All visitors at our stand raved about the great massage.” - Colonial First State

"Attendees of the Carers Qld Get-Q-A-Way were very appreciative of the service provided by you. It was personal and professional. From the planning perspective I am grateful for your timely responsiveness."


Call Zoe to quote for your special requirements but typically:

$80 per hour with minimum call out time of 90 minutes.

Can be staff funded, or business funded with invoice provided.