Pregnancy Massage

Cairns Pregnancy Massage

Preparing to welcome a baby into our lives is the beginning of a life changing journey. Pregnancy is a time of change when women have a greater need to feel supported and to find new ways to nurture themselves and the little miracle they are growing! Pregnancy massage provides a restful pause in our busy lives, a time and space to connect with our growing baby and way to manage common discomforts associated with a changing body. It is always a privilege working with mums-to-be, after all I am working with two special people! I have a beautiful airy and peaceful clinic at Stratford natural Therapies, in a quiet leafy suburb, about 10 minutes out of Cairns CBD.

$85 - 60 minutes massage
(Some health fund rebates apply, eftpos facilities)

Enjoy regular massage during your pregnancy with every 3rd massage at the special price of $60

About Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is like regular massage but techniques and positioning are modified appropriately. Pressure can be lighter or deeper as preferred. I use a fully adjustable massage table and you will be comfortably supported with soft towels and pillows in a side lying or semi reclined position. As an experienced therapist I am familiar with the physiology of pregnancy through the trimesters and mindful of precautions and contraindications.

Pregnancy Massage Cairns

“Being a mum, and in a caring profession, I am used to looking after others. Pregnancy for me however is a time to slow down and tune into my body and growing baby. Massage is an important part of this. It allows me to completely relax and switch off as well as easing some of the discomforts that can come with pregnancy. I have come to trust Zoe over 2 pregnancies, to listen and provide me with exactly the care I need when I book in to see her, and I always walk away feeling fantastic. Highly recommended.” - Jo (Midwife)

“Pregnancy massage gave me a chance to completely relax and unwind, leaving me feeling so light and calm, which was a great accomplishment especially late on in pregnancy! 100% me time - lovely!” - Ruth

How Massage Helps

Massage encourages the release of the hormones oxytocin and endorphin, which heighten feelings of peace, calm, wellbeing and a loving mum and baby connection. These hormones are our special friends in pregnancy and during labour. Baby is bathing in mums feel good hormones, so what is good for mum is good for baby. Remedial techniques can be incorporated into a flowing massage, so you will feel relaxed as well as getting from relief from achy muscles. Pregnancy massage can be enjoyed right up until your baby is due, and is a perfect way to stay relaxed if baby decides they want to stay put a bit longer!

Pregnancy massage can support you in the following ways:

  • Lower stress hormones
  • Increase circulation improving energy & vitality
  • Reduce leg cramps
  • Promote more restful sleep
  • Soothe lower back and hip pain
  • Lymphatic drainage massage to reduce swelling
  • Reduce the symptoms of sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Release tight necks and shoulders
  • Support immunity
  • Prepare mind and body for birth
  • Get used to relaxing & letting go – good preparation for labour

Cairns Pregnancy Massage

Blended Birth Hypnosis and Pre Natal Massage

Personalised for you

To feel clam prepared and ready.

$120 - 90 minute session

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Cairns Pregnancy Massage and Meditation